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Stevenage based Firm Announces Long Term European Co-operation

MeddiQuest will be partnering with Schultz Interactive Information, the private company that acts as the government printing office in Denmark, to develop the Human Drug module of its Tarius legal and regulatory software to cover Medical Devices.

Speaking at the signing of the agreement between MeddiQuest and Nina Lindholst of Schultz, Neil Armstrong, Managing Director of MeddiQuest said:

"The safety in the healthcare industry will increasingly center around matching new active pharmaceuticals and biological compounds with the devices to deliver an accurate targeted dose and monitor its effects. The partnering arrangement with Schultz demonstrates our joint belief that the traditional boundaries between drugs and devices are gradually disappearing and that a unified approach to regulating healthcare products is essential." This view was given added weight last week by the announcement that the UK Medical Devices Agency and Medicines Control Agency will merge early in 2003.

MeddiQuest will assist Schultz in reviewing and determining the applicability of regulation and guidance from government agencies to ensure that device regulatory requirements are integrated into their established Human Drug Module. Coupled with Schultz’s commitment to internet based real-time solutions and XML technology, this will mean that in a near future technologists will have access to the full range of EU and US regulations, indexed, bookmarked and customizable on their desktops.

"We are very excited about the project which is exploiting the latest information technologies. It will provide a valuable resource to drug and device development companies and ultimately ensure that new safe and effective treatments are available earlier."

Neil Armstrong cross referencing government regulations


Is the Stevenage based company that is rapidly establishing itself as a leading regulatory partner for start-up, high-tech device-based healthcare companies. The customer base extends from North America to the Middle East with a large involvement in the countries of the EU and its new applicants.

Neil Armstrong

Has over 20 years experience in the healthcare industries having worked on three continents. He will be one of the Co-Chairs of the "Global Track" at the prestigious RAPS Annual Conference in Washington D.C. in October.


Operates as the Government Printing Office in Denmark. It is a private company that continues to invest heavily in information technology to assist industry in understanding the international laws and regulations.

Nina Lindholst

Has been a pioneer of information services at Schultz, working with industry experts to ensure that their knowledge and experience is integrated with the legal and documentary skills of Schultz.

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Uploaded July 28, 2002
Last updated July 28, 2002
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